Gamma Intelligence Training Centre (Gamma Intelligence OÜ) - Software Development Training - the partner of Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

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Since July 2020, the Gamma Intelligence Training Centre has been conducting courses aimed at preparing specialists in the field of cutting-edge digital technologies, including software development, implementation of digital technologies, automation and optimization of business processes, machine learning, data analysis, and computer modeling.

Eesti Töötukassa Gamma Intelligence Training Centre (Gamma Intelligence OÜ) is a training partner of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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Eesti Töötukassa The course programs of Gamma Intelligence Training Centre (Gamma Intelligence OÜ) have been evaluated by HAKA (Estonian Education Quality Agency) and have been awarded a quality mark.

The commission's report is available for review. here

Course Calendar

Data Analysis using Python and SQL

10.06.2024 - 12.08.2024
01.07.2024 - 04.09.2024

Автоматизация тестирования веб-приложений (Cucumber / Selenium / Javascript / In this 15-week course, all aspects of the data analyst profession are covered. The theoretical part of the course provides the necessary skills in Python/MySQL, as well as the required amount of mathematics.
The practical part of the course is based on the analysis of real company data.

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Intensive Python Course for Beginners

27.05.2024 - 29.07.2024

Intensive Python Course for Beginners The main goal of the course is to learn the Python language and its practical application in daily tasks. From the first lessons, the main emphasis is on practical application. The course covers not only the Python programming language but also the basics of effective programming, application design, as well as related technologies: algorithms and data structures.

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